We aim to be different, so instead of listing testimonials that are only favourable, from questionable origins, we are happy to show the results of our on-line feedback form, in the raw, good and bad.

Now Over 200 RESPONSES! Time just flys by and we are already well past 200 responses. Here it is in exactly the same format as we received it, no edits, no changes.

Over 100 RESPONSES! And thats just for the online feedback form! Suffice to say the ladies were all very happy when we went over this at our last get together. Have a look, this is direct unaltered responses and comments from our customers. We are happy that we are meeting our team mission of very happy customers and will continue to strive hard to do so in future.

Miscellaneous Feedback

Paper Feedback Forms and Emails

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Customer Feedback 2016
Customer Feedback 2016
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