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Updated February 2024

Experts - all fully trained in utilising milking table and sukube chair working as a team. All provide full service. Choose one (1), two (2) or three (3) experts (the table/chair need minimum two (2) experts to experience it to its full potential, girl on top and girl underneath, and to carry and set up etc).
You CAN choose one (1) expert, only without the table/chair. Also see the Freelancers page for our friends that prefer to work one to one.

Bi sexual symbol

Genuinely bi-sexual

Loves anal

Greek style, Anal, A level

Remember to CLICK on the thumbnail to open un-cropped full-size image.
Photos are from various photo shoots over time, check the watermark to see when.

Bi sexual symbol

E1 - Expert 1
52 photos

Loves anal

Nong is super naughty and a lot of fun.

Her massage skills are more than competent but thats not where her special talents are.  Very reliable, she always gives 100%.

Nong's Stats:
A - 33yrs   W - 53kg
B/W/H - 38/24/32  H - 155cm
anal, dp, bi, bbbj, cim, cof, cob,
rimming, daty, dfk, dt

E2 - Expert 2
98 photos

Bi sexual symbol

Jade is a genuinely bi-sexual cutie.
Very caring and sweet. Naturally enthusiastic, she works well with everyone. Great booked with another bi girl and highly recommended for couples.

Jade's Stats:
A - 27yrs   W - 55kg
B/W/H - 34/26/34  H - 156cm
bi, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, daty, dfk, dt

E3 - Expert 3
30 photos

Loves anal
A level

Teya is a star performer. Always good feedback.

With a petite gym toned body, she is highly recommended.
*Face photos not on website for privacy, can send.

Teya's Stats:
A - 29yrs  W - 50kg
B/W/H - 33/24/32   H - 151cm
a level, bbbj, cim, cof, cob

E5 - Expert 5


Loves anal


 Suzy has a hard sexy body with some nice curves. A fun bubbly personality and well skilled. Good English.

SuzyQ's Stats:
A - 33yrs  W - 63kg
B/W/H - 36/28/36   H - 168cm
anal, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

Bi sexual symbol

E7 - Expert 7
30 photos

Mira is skilled and experienced in all types of massage with a sensitive yet firm and instinctive touch. Works great with all the girls.

Mira's Stats:
A - 28yrs  W - 46kg
Measurements - 33/24/32   Height - 147cm
bi, daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

I speak Chinese.JPG

E4 - Expert 4
106 photos

Bi sexual symbol

Natt is a head turner.

A body made for fun, bedroom eyes and full lips. She has an easy going personality and an air of confidence. Works well with everyone and great for couples.

Natt's Stats:
A - 27yrs  W - 47kgs
B/W/H - 36/24/32   H - 149cm
bi, bbbj, daty, cim, cof, cob, daty, dfk

Bi sexual symbol

E6 - Expert 6


Aya has a stimulating, svelt figure. She is trained and experienced in many types of massage and erotic titillation. Genuinely bi-sexual.

Aya's Stats:
A - 26yrs   W - 48kg
B/W/H - 30/22/32   H - 152cm
bi, daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

E8 - Expert 8


Bi sexual symbol

Nahm is relaxed and fun. She is always smiling and great company. She has all the necessary massage skills and erotically confident.

Nahm's Stats:
A - 27yrs  W - 57kg
B/W/H - 33/26/34   H - 154cm
bi, daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

E9 - Expert 9

Nookie is a vixen with a dark and sultry sex appeal. With a captivating smile and a highly arousing figure. She has all the massage and erotic skills needed.

Nookie's Stats:
A - 28yrs   W - 58kg
B/W/H - 35/25/33   H - 162cm
daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

E11 - Expert 11

Bi sexual symbol

Kat - 

Kat's Stats:
A - 25yrs  W - 48kg
B/W/H - 32/30/32   H - 161cm
    bisexual, daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

Bi sexual symbol

E13 - Expert 13
83 photos

Loves anal

Bang has proven to be one of the most skilled on the milking table. Trained and experienced with many types of massage. She has a curvy figure.

Bang's Stats:
A - 27yrs  W - 68kg
B/W/H - 36/26/38   Height - 157cm
anal, dp, bi, daty, rimming, bbbj,
cim, cof, cob, dfk
, dt

E15 - Expert 15
Tuk Tuk

Loves anal
Bi sexual symbol

Tuk Tuk

Tuk's Stats:
A - 35yrs    W - 57kg      B/W/H - 31/25/33     H - 159cm    daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk, rimming, anal, bi.

E10 - Expert 10
14 photos

Loves anal

Suki is a cutey, with perfect light skin, always with a big smile she radiates tranquility. She has all the necessary skills and uses them enthusiastically. 
Suki works well with everybody.

Suki's Stats:
A - 27yrs   W -  57kg
B/W/H - 31/25/33   H - 165cm
daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk, rimming, anal

Bi sexual symbol

E12 - Expert 12
18 photos


Moet's Stats:
A - 27yrs  W - 56kg
B/W/H - 32/30/34   H - 162cm
    bisexual, daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

Bi sexual symbol

E14 - Expert 14
Dee Dee
17 photos

Dee Dee just radiates cuteness. She might be mistaken for latina with her light hair and skin, sensual toned curves and cheeky fun demeanour.  Well skilled and very competent, she is already a star.

Dee Dee's Stats:
A - 24yrs  W - 59kg
B/W/H - 34/25/37    H - 148 cm
dt, bi, daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk

E16 - Expert 16
28 Photos

Nok is a fun, always smiling 28 year old with a big personality. She is both petite and curvy. Possibly the most busty girl you may ever meet, fully natural perfection.

Nok's Stats:
A - 28yrs  W - 59kg
B/W/H - 38DD/34/38   H - 143cm
daty, bbbj,cim, cof, cob, dfk, dt

E17 - Expert 17
30 photos

Kannika is a very sexy girl who we've know for a couple of years, working occasionally, now she joins us 24/7. Feedback has always been excellent and she gets hotter over time.

Kannika's Stats:
A - 31yrs  W - 58kg
B/W/H - 33/26/37   H - 167cm
daty, bbbj, cim, cof, cob, dfk, dt

  • No Photoshop. No manipulation. Just hair, makeup, lighting and mojo. 
  • All girls over 21 years of age.
  • All ladies born female.
  • We take all photos ourselves, in many different costumes and settings, solo, couple and more.
  • Photos under each profile may be from many photoshoots since starting with us. Check the watermark to see when photo taken.


*All ladies have regular medical checks, copy of certificate will be provided on request*


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