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Frequently Asked Questions

We took questions from our customers and reproduced them here with answers:

Which ladies are available?

- Everyone on the website is available 24/7 unless a prior booking clashes with the new request. Please let us know your proposed booking time so we can verify exactly who is available at that time.

Is all action always on the table?

- No can move to other place like shower or bed.

Can I have full service with both the girls?

- Yes everyone is full service.

I am not into anal but I like BBBJ from both so is it possible as on the table i can see only one?

- Yes correct can.

My preference is 3 hours can i have shots more than once with both?

- There is no limit on shots. As many as you can.

If I book 3 hours do i need to have massage for specific time and other action for limited time?

- No you can structure the session any way you want. We suggest doing at least the first hour with the special table.

Can both do lesbian act for me?

- We have a number of genuinely bi-sexual girls on staff. They can all be booked together. 

Are they wearing sexy underwear and stocking?

- They will bring lingerie, panty etc and change into them when they arrive.

Can they bring toys such as dildos?

- Yes they will bring, usually vibrator and/or strap on.

Can the girls have some pubic nicely cut hair?

- They are either completely shaven or just a small 'landing strip'.

Where do I meet you at the hotel? Downstairs or at the room? The elevator needs a security card to come up.

- To be able to come to see you we need some basic minimum information. On arrival the hotel staff will require us to tell them the room number and name (first name is enough) of who we are visiting, so reception can cross check that the visitors are legitimate. The bellboy will use their electronic hotel security pass to swipe the elevator for the ladies up to the correct floor. 

Will they be discrete?

- Always, they will arrive in very discrete clothing. The table once folded and in its custom cover looks like a big suitcase. They will change and set up when in the room.

Does my hotel allow visitors?

- Most hotels are visitor friendly in Bangkok. A small minority might charge a small 'joiners fee'. See a website like Guest Friendly to double check.

I don't have my room number yet!

- If you are booking from outside Bangkok and do not know your room number yet its fine to let us know after you've checked in.

Your service sounds great. Do any of your women offer natural / bare full service?

- Safe practices only. We offer the attached on request, which are a good compromise.

The pictures are real? Do you have more pics?

- I take the pictures personally and take new ones every few weeks so they are recent and accurate. All the photos I take I put on the website. You can image search to check if pics are lifted off another website. I don't photoshop, there are apps to check that and its not hard to spot as the skin looks plastic and has a 'doll' appearance. Plus all customer feedback, scans of originals and responses to online feedback is on the website also to view. We did a shoot a couple of days ago and I'll be uploading it today.

Is the traveling included?

Can I cum only ones?

If there is 2h can we just relax a part of the time or I taking care of them i.e. use the full 2h? 

Can we do the milking table several times i.e. cum more than ones being milked?

- If you have 2 hour appointment, the girls are told they must stay for at least 120 minutes, starting from the time they enter the room. They are only to leave before 120 minutes if the customer tells them to go as he wants to sleep or has to go outside or whatever. So, to answer your questions, no travelling time is irrelevant. There is no limit on shots, as many as the customer feels and if want to delay it till end or whatever they like to communicate that to the girls. Yes if want to cum a few times then you'd want to relax after each time of course - have a drink, get a soft massage, freshen up etc.

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